Information for Specifiers

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Visul surface mounted tactile tiles are manufactured on a patented assembly line to ensure near perfect distribution of fillers and resin ensuring excellent wearing qualities and built in flexibility.


This surface mounted tactile paving is designed to be fully bonded to clean, sound surfaces using a two-component structural adhesive. Designed with domes and ridges for tactile recognition by visually impaired as per DETR guidelines.


  • These tiles are available with the following dimensions - (Standard) 400mm x 400mm x 5mm. Please note other sizes are available.
  • The composition of the tile is an abrasion and slip resistant, reinforced polyurethane composite.
  • Tiles are available in buff, grey, red, charcoal and hazard yellow.
  • The purpose of the tile is to warn visually impaired people of a potential hazard or danger.
  • The tactile surface should provide a contrast with the surrounding area to assist partially sighted people.
  • In complete accordance with the Disabled Persons Act 1981 and DDA 2004.
  • For further information see 'Guidance om the use of tactile paving surfaces' or contact Visul Systems' Technical Support.



The tiles are bonded to the substrate using Visul Systems two-component structural adhesive. These adhesives have been specifically designed to bond to a wide variety of substrates. When working in damp conditions a moisture tollerant adhesive is recommended.


To obtain a copy of our installation guide please click here.



A box of ten tiles covers an area of 1.6m² using one 3.5kg kit of Visul adhesive.

  • Surface spread of flame
  • Toxicity
  • Smoke Density
  • Slip Resistance


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